Course Syllabus for CSIM Introduction:

- Outline 9-16-2014 - The basic CSIM tutorial provides an overview of the CSIM simulator tool-suite and model libraries, with instruction on how to use the tools. Requires basic knowledge of how to operate a computer, navigate file directories, and edit text files. Knowledge of programming is a plus, but is not required. Courses may be tailored by subject matter, if notified sufficiently in advance of the course. Session 1: (Day 1 - 9:00-12:00 am) CSIM Overview Simulation concepts - virtual prototyping Brief examples CSIM tools and their flow Structure description - graphical editor (GUI) Behavior description - language constructs Simulator - building / running simulations Analysis tools - viewing results Application libraries and domains Model descriptions and demonstrations Session 2: (Day 1 - 1:00-4:30 pm) Tool Usage - (Techniques) GUI - Capturing/editing design diagrams CSIM PreProcessor - Building simulations ROUTER - Building routing tables SCHEDULER - Generating application software SIM - Running simulations XGRAPH - Viewing results TIMELINE Postprocessor - Customizing timeline plots CONTENTION_VIEWER - Viewing network contentions ITERATOR - Running recursive parametric simulations C-2-HTML - Viewing model structure & auto-documenting. Num-Utils - Manipulating plot data. Installing CSIM Tools and Models Package Web install, CD, or Self-booting Disk First hands-on examples - building new models
Session 3: (Day 2 - 8:30-12:00 am) Modeling Techniques and Conventions CSIM language features and extensions Modeling concepts Wireless model library - network architectures Physical Layer - Propagation models Network Layer - Routing, Queuing Development Techniques Animating, annotating Debugging, DDD, log-files, profiling, Handling threaded software Modifying routing tables Model Libraries LAN/WAN IP-Network Models General Blocks Models User Contributed Models and Gadgets Session 4: (Day 2 - 1:00-4:30 pm) Multi-Simulation Interfaces (MSI) Intro to DIS and HLA Using MSI, Wormholes Distributing simulations Vehicle - Platform - Terrain (VPT) Models Win-Frame-3D (WF-3D) - 3D Viewer Usage and Modeling Importing terrain and object models. Linking to simulation models. OTK user interaction panels Hands-on Modeling Workshop Enhancing wireless network models, Debugging models and building simulations, Running simulations, and analyzing results
Notes: 1. Sessions include interactive / hands-on exercises. General principles and methods will be introduced, and then tried/demonstrated by the students. The subject example models are included in all CSIM distributions. 2. Course can to tailored to be project specific. 3. Course Rating Form.