Time Resolution - Range and Precision

CSIM Time is a double precision floating point quantity. Assuming you let the time unit correspond to seconds (eg. 1 CSIM Time Unit = 1 Second), then you can express time quantities down to about 4.0e-324 of a second (which is 4.0e-312 of a pico-second!), or as large as 8.0e+307 seconds (which is about 2.5e297 millennia!).

The above quantities are the range of time values which CSIM supports. The range is governed by the floating point exponent, which is 11 bits. However the precision is governed by the mantissa, which is 52 bits. It effectively determines the limit of the ratio of two numbers whose difference can be resolved. Because of this, CSIM can resolve time quantities that differ by as little as 1.0e-14 of a percent (%). For example, the difference between 1.0 and (1.0 + 1.0e-16) can be accurately resolved.