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CSIM Model Keywords:

CSIM Pre-Processor (Builder)

  • Command-Line Options (Build-Time):
    • -count_threads - Makes simulator print a running tally of the number of active threads as simulation runs.
    • -include_marks - Include source file line markers, so compiler reports errors relative to source files, rather than out.c.
    • -nocomp - Pre-Processes to build out.c, but do not compile.
    • -nomarks - Report compiler errors relative to the intermediate out.c file, rather than source files. (More accurate)
    • -nongraphical - Build textual simulation.
    • -not_abs - Do not embed top-graph's absolute path name in executable.
    • -rigorous - Consider Unconnected ports to be fatal error.
    • -trace - Add debugging print statements.
    • -v - Specify level of diagnostic messages.
  • Environment Variables:

CSIM Simulator

  • Command-Line Options (Run-Time):
    • -core - Produce a core-dump on fatal error for post-mortem debugging.
    • -batch - For script invoked runs. Starts simulation running immediately, without typing run. Exits automatically at end, without typing quit.
  • Environment Variables (Run-Time):



  • Command-Line Options:
    • -alt - Set number of alternate paths to find.
    • -n - Set limit on highest device number to route.

Scheduler / DFG's

  • Command-Line Options:
    • -link_rate - Sets assumed data-transfer rates.
    • -nospider - Turns-off generating ideal communication timeline plot file.
    • -hist - Generates an event history file for postprocessing timeline plots.
    • -n - Sets the number of processors, such as when running the scheduler without any specific hardware architecture (ie. without a netinfo file).
    • -o - Directs output of .prog files to a specific directory.
    • -v - Controls level of diagnostic messages (verbosity).
    • -stim - Be the STIM-Scheduler.
  • Environment Variables:
    • PMOD_PROG - Directs output of .prog files to a spcific directory.
  • Special Attributes:
    • Replicate - Replicates nodes for parameteric parallelization.


Time-Line and TimeLine-GUI:

Iterator and I-GUI:

  • I-GUI - GUI for the Iterator Tool.
  • Iterator Tool - Automatic simulation launcher and recursion manager. Aggregates results from multiple simulation runs.

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