Model Library Documentation

Table of Contents

  1. Performance Model Lib - Core Models

    Computer (Middleware Layers, Preemptive Multi-tasking w/Priorities), Generic processor, Sharc processor, C40 processor, PE w/Local Mem Traf, Generic bus (e.g. VME, PCI, Ethernet), Cascade_bus.sim, Myrinet Switch, Lanai NIC, Raceway XBAR, Raceway NIC, Race++ XBAR, Race++ NIC, Generic XBAR, Switcher, Various Delay Boxes.

  2. Simple Arithmetic and Logic Element Library

    const_gen.sim, print_data.sim, add_numbers.sim, subtract.sim, inc_by_1.sim, dec_by_1.sim, inv_sign.sim, multiply_numbers.sim, x_divided_by_y.sim, max_input.sim, min_input.sim, logical_if.sim, split.sim, combine.sim, x_power_y.sim, square.sim, sqrt_y.sim, exp_y.sim, log_10_y.sim, log_e_y.sim, sin.sim, cosine.sim, tan.sim, debug_on.sim, debug_off.sim.

  3. Complex and Vector Math Function Models

    These function models are contained in   demo_examples/demo2/mathlib.sim. Poisson amp; Exponential Distribution Generators, Integer & floating-point constant, Read or Print integer, floats, complex, or characters from or to screen or file, Convert complex to real or real to complex, Complex magnitude, FFT, inverse FFT, Conjugate, Complex or real vector dot product, multiply-add, scalar multiply, mean, etc..

  4. Display Models

    These models are contained in   demo_examples/demo2/vlib2.sim: Image_displayer, XYgraph, XYgraph2, FGraph. See also WF3D Viewer.
  5. Distributed Simulation Models

  6. General Block Diagram Models

    Comparison, Conversions, Counters, Data Type Operations, Data Structure Access, Delays, Execution Control, File Access, Generators, Logical, Loops, Memory, Miscellaneous, Plot Generation, Quantity Shared Resource, Queues And Servers, Probes, Queues, Servers, Statistics, Switches, Timers, Traffic Generators, Examples.

  7. Perfmod2 - Enhanced Performance Model Library

  8. Digital Logic Model Library

  9. And, Nand, Or, Not, Nor, Xor, XNor, RS, MS, D, & T FlipFlops, Half & Full Adders, Clocks, SplitterJoiner, Genreric TestBench, Integer2Binary, Binary2Integer.

  10. Analog Circuit Components Library

  11. Model Icon Library

  12. Vehicle-Platform-Terrain (VPT) Models Library

  13. Wireless Models Library

  14. LAN / WAN / SAN IP-Network Models Library

  15. Human Factors & Work Flows Library

  16. User Contributed Models Library

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