VPT 3D-Viewer (WF-3D)

For systems-of-systems modeling, CSIM's 3D Viewer is part of CSIM's Vehicle Platforms Terrains (VPT) model library. (Also called:   Win-Frame 3D-Viewer or WF3D)


The WF-3D Viewer can accept animation commands from three (3) interfaces:
  1. File (XML format commands),
  2. Socket (XML format commands),
  3. C-call (linked object file).
WF3d is intended for visualizing and interacting with complex simulations. It does not emphasize photo-realistic displays, but rather light-weight, easy-to-use, better-than-schematic visualizations. It supports systems engineering by combining logical data with mission-level displays. This general-purpose viewer can be used with virtually any simulator, sensor, or design tool.

The following documents, tools, models, and examples are available:

  1. 1st Tutorial Movie: WF3d Brief Introduction

  2. 2nd Tutorial Movie: Moving Objects

  3. Textual Tutorial: Using WinFrame3D  

  4. XML Format Commands - WFL - Specification
    This is the Win-Frame-Language (WFL).

  5. Download WF-3D Viewer - [Right-click to download] (Contains small example geom.dat for testing.) WF3D License Agreement

  6. WF3D-Viewer Operation and Usage Instructions

  7. Examples:   Some simple examples are included with CSIM distributions.

  8. Download Example Set 1: (Simple Examples)
    • examp1.wfl - Four boxes on axes and origin.  [Right-click to download.]   Run as:   wf3d examp1.wfl
    • test_geom.dat - Super-simple (hello_world - like) example. First generates three butterflies. ~10 lines. Nothing to compile. Just a text-file.

              1. Run viewer:     wf3d test_geom.dat

    • geom_test2.dat - Simple example of placing two spheres with text.

  9. 3D Model Libraries

  10. Download Example 2: Directions:
            1. Compile:     cc -O gen_landscape_lowres.c -lm -o gen_landscape
            2. Build landscape file:     gen_landscape
            3. Run viewer:     wf3d geom.dat
    Suggestion: Peruse the geom.dat file to understand the makeup of the animation commands.

  11. Download Socket Interface Example:
    • socket_example2.tar.gz Socket-based example. Populates hundreds of entities via socket interface. Download and source the Com file. (Hint: Hit s after starting simulation to be taken on an automatic tour over the terrain.) (Compiled for PC's running Linux.)

  12. Importing Mesh/Polygon Objects - Converters:
    The following formats can be converted for importing predefined objects into WinFrame3D:
            3DS - 3D Studio
            LWO - Lightwave Object (partial)
            WFL - WinFrame Language
            DXF - AutoDesk DXF

  13. Importing Terrains - Converters:

  14. WF3D Command-Line Options

  15. WF-3D Object Interface -
    You can link WF-3D to your own programs so that you can call WF-3D commands/operations directly, without using a socket or file interface. See WF-3D Object Interface.

    Related libraries:   Otk - Open Tool Kit - Add buttons/controls, gauges/meters to your WinFrame3d displays.

  16. Auxiliary Utilities -
    • XYZ-2-WF - 3D Data Plotting. Converts matrix data into 3D surface-plots or bar-graphs for highly interactive viewing with WF3D. (Numeric visualization.)